Ségolène Royal was criticizing the government too much, the government said. - ERIC PIERMONT / AFP

  • Several officials of the majority justify the announced dismissal of Ségolène Royal from her position as ambassador in charge of international negotiations on the poles.
  • For Macronie, the former minister was more political than diplomatic.
  • The executive, however, denies any intervention regarding the opening of a preliminary investigation against Ségolène Royal.

The end of a streak that had lasted too long. For the executive as in the majority, the announced dismissal of Ségolène Royal is, in reality, only a logical consequence of its positions for several months. "Diplomacy is a mission, politics is another," said Edouard Philippe, this Wednesday after a government seminar, taking care however to specify that the executive would take its "decision" after having heard the former minister's "observations". "Ségolène Royal devotes her time to taking political statements in opposition to the government," denounced Gabriel Attal, Secretary of State to the Minister of National Education and Youth, a few hours earlier on BFMTV. “She has strayed too far from her mission. "

"For a year now, she has given us lessons"

While the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, Elisabeth Borne, had already, this weekend, asked the ambassador in charge of international negotiations on the poles to moderate her positions, Roland Lescure, LREM deputy for the established French outside France, judge at 20 Minutes that the dismissal of Ségolène Royal was inevitable. The former minister had "an elastic vision of her duty of reserve".

"She should not have talked about national policy, but for a year now, she has been teaching us how to get out of the" yellow vests "crisis, then about pensions", gets annoyed, the elected official, who had alerted this month of December on the Royal case. "If she thinks she can embody the renewal of the French left, it is her right, but she cannot do so by remaining an ambassador! "

Christophe Naegalen, the UDI deputy who, with his walking colleague Éric Girardin, announced at Christmas the upcoming summons of the former minister to the National Assembly to explain the use of the means allotted to him, will more far. “Appointing her to this position was a mistake. We favored politics or the media over competence and investment, tackles the member for Vosges. The office of the Foreign Affairs Committee was to set a date this Wednesday to convene it, at my request. She will no longer be in post [her departure must take place on January 24, according to France Inter], but I would still like to audition her. "

“No comments” on the judicial inquiry

Loquaces on this "dismissal (...) without prior interview" of Ségolène Royal, as the complainant herself qualified, the elected macronists however do not pour out on the opening, revealed this Wednesday, of a preliminary investigation by the national financial prosecutor's office for the use of its ambassadorial resources. Roland Lescure wishes "obviously that justice follows its course in complete independence". For Christophe Naegalen, this procedure proves "that we must be vigilant and exemplary with public funds".

"There is, from a judicial point of view, no political settlement of accounts", assured in any case the Minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet. In a Facebook publication, Ségolène Royal ensures that the preliminary investigation had been "launched two months ago, following the allegations disseminated by certain media".


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