For the second year in a row, wildlife accidents in the county increased. A total of 3037 accidents were reported in 2019, compared with 2949 in 2018, according to statistics from the National Wildlife Accidents Council. In 2019, on average, there were over eight accidents per day.

But the increase is too small to draw any major conclusions, says Fredrik Engström, county police responsible for the search for damaged game.

- It is generally at that level. It can flex a few hundred from year to year, says Fredrik Engström.

However, it is the second consecutive year that the number is increasing. And it is deer that are involved in the most accidents, over 2,300 last year. In a second place in the bleak statistics, wild boar accidents end up, just over 450. The number of wild boar accidents has increased year by year. Ten years ago, only 68 wild boar accidents were reported for the whole of 2010

- They stand out because they try to be explosive. As they spread, the accidents, of course, increase, but it is the road users who can make the big difference by slowing down the speed, says Fredrik Engström.

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Halfway into the first month of the year, there have been more than 90 accidents in the county so far this year.

- One possible reason for this is the mild winter. The availability of food in the forest means that the animals do not have to move in such large areas, says Fredrik Engström.