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Electricity consumption revealed the record-breaking drug factory


The energy authority considered that there was an abnormally high electricity consumption at the small rural town of Essunga. They contacted the police who scouted for a week. Now 10 people are being prosecuted following the unveiling of the country's largest cannabis cultivation. - The number of plants is the largest single cultivation received by the National Forensic Center for analysis, says Deputy Chief Prosecutor Jenny Karlsson.

It was the abnormally high electricity consumption that became the fall of the drug factory. The energy authority contacted the police that a small property in the countryside in Essunga municipality had a tremendously high electricity consumption.

- When we looked up this, it seemed very strange, says investigative leader Peter Sundblad.

Peter Sundblad, investigative leader at the police in Skaraborg Photo: SVT

The police started investigating and already after a week a strike was made. What the police found was a professionally constructed cannabis cultivation of industrial dimensions. According to the prosecution, the suspects have invested SEK 3.3 million in the plant, among other things in an extensive heating system. The business drew so much electricity that there were special diesel generators installed that produced their own electricity.

"Good evidence"

- I think we have a good evidence position, says Deputy Chief Prosecutor Jenny Karlsson. We have also been able to find such good evidence from previous cultivations that we can claim that 400 kg of cannabis has been grown there since 1 January 2018.

The cannabis cultivation in Esssunga consisted of 3,459 cannabis plants that were seized. The drug is believed to have been intended for the Gothenburg area. In total, the drug factory is estimated to have produced cannabis worth SEK 20 million on the street.

Ten are indicted

A total of ten people are charged. Five are suspected of particularly serious drug offenses, four for assisting in extremely serious drug offenses. In addition, the property owner is suspected of gross money laundering. Among the defendants there are three persons who according to the prosecutor can be considered the main persons behind the cultivation.

Another person has been arrested in his absence, suspected of particularly serious drug offenses.

- But we have not been able to reach this one. The person is abroad, says Jenny Karlsson.

Source: svt

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