The windows of bankers and shops were shattered. The stone was thrown against the security forces, who in turn fired bursts of tear gas grenades so that the entire main street of Hamra in central Beirut almost disappeared behind thick burning smoke.

A military shot with sharp shots into the air, reports Reuters.

- I have lived in Hamra for the past 42 years and am a shop owner. I've been waiting for us to reach the level we did yesterday. Unfortunately, the chaos is due to the politicians in our country. It is they who have led us to this situation we are now in, ”Mohammed al Rayyes told Reuters.

More than 60 people were arrested

Trash cans were set on fire and tear gas grenades were fired back at the military. Crowds of Lebanese went to newly appointed Prime Minister Hassan Diab's home and scanned: Revolt, Beirut !, writes AFP.

At least 65 people were arrested on Tuesday, according to human rights organization Human Rights Watch. Most were released after a few hours.

- I'm one of those people who tell people that they should make banks a target. Yes, the banks, the people who control all this, their home. I have been coming here for the last three days. I've only been able to withdraw $ 300 from the banks. What to say? We are begging. I have worked for 55 years and now have to beg. It's our right, it's our money, says a retired woman named Hind to Reuters.

"Near a collapse"

Lebanon's economy is on its knees. There is no new government in place yet, or budget.

Already, electricity in the country has been affected. Daily power outages are nothing new for the country's population, but Energy Minister Nada Boustani warned that the reserves that are now available will only be sufficient until the end of February, writes the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar.

"We want a government as soon as possible, the economic situation can no longer wait and the country is close to collapse," Alaa Khodr, who demonstrated in Lebanon's second largest city Tripoli, told AFP.