U.S. `` dispatches workers in violation of UN resolution '', sanctions on North Korean trading company, January 15 7:34

The U.S. government has announced that it will impose sanctions on trade companies in North Korea, saying it has illegally dispatched workers abroad and gained foreign currency in violation of UN resolutions.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnushin said in a statement yesterday that it noted that "North Korea has illegally dispatched workers abroad in violation of UN resolutions."

He added that he added two organizations, a North Korean trading company involved in dispatching workers abroad and a worker reception organization in China, to US sanctions.

With regard to North Korean workers working overseas, the United Nations has passed a sanctions resolution to repatriate home by September 22, but China and Russia, which have strong ties with North Korea, have recently had a serious impact on people's lives. There are still North Korean workers in both countries, beginning to sharpen their attitude of not responding to the repatriation of workers.

The United States aims to control China and Russia by exercising its own sanctions, and to nail the international community to comply with the UN sanctions resolution without being synchronized with China and Russia.

In addition, North Korea will be sent a letter of intent to President Kim Jong Un, the president of the Korean Labor Party, where President Trump celebrated his birthday. It is likely that you will be encouraged to take appropriate measures.