"Regulation of excessive subsidies" urging WTO to make rules January 15, 7:10

Japan, the United States and the EU-European Union hold ministerial-level trilateral meetings to augment trade with companies receiving strong support from China and other countries, and provide WTO with excessive subsidies to the World Trade Organization. They agreed to encourage the creation of rules to regulate.

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kajiyama met on the 14th in Washington, where he visited, between Trade Representative Light Heiser of the United States and EU Commissioner Hogan to discuss a review of the WTO rules on industrial subsidies.

According to a joint statement released after the talks, the three parties agreed that there was a need to add regulations such as areas of overproduction and subsidies to companies likely to go bankrupt. It seems that they are keeping in mind China, which is pointed out by excessive subsidies to companies.

With regard to the WTO, the United States Trump administration has been dissatisfied with the fact that its member states, China, have been unfairly favored. It is a situation that fluctuates.

Minister Kajiyama told reporters, "It is imperative that all Member States work together to restore the functions that the WTO should originally fulfill. We would like to find out what kind of adjustments we can make." He stated that he would play a coordinating role in maintaining