Military sources in Al Dhale'e Governorate confirmed that the joint Yemeni and southern forces began targeting yesterday locations of the Houthi militia militias in the southeastern areas of Ibb Governorate, after completing the liberation of the areas surrounding the Fakhr and Hajar fronts, while the Yemeni forces managed to liberate a strategic mountain range in the district of Bert Al Anan in the governorate of Al-Jouf, and the center of the district began to besiege, while the militias continued to violate them on the coasts of the West Coast.

In details, the joint Yemeni and southern forces began yesterday a military operation towards the southeastern areas of Ibb Governorate, after completing the insurance of the northwestern fronts of the Qataba District in Al Dhale'e Governorate, according to military sources, confirming that the joint forces began knocking on the gates of the south and southeastern regions of Ibb Governorate.

The sources pointed out that the progress towards the Ibb governorate came after decisive gains accomplished by the joint forces and the southern forces during the past days in the framework of the "Revenge of Resilience" process, during which they achieved victories described by the strategy, and they reached the borders of the Nadra and Sabra districts in the Ibb governorate, and the oud and al-Hasha regions located between Dhali and Ibb .

According to the sources, the regions of Bilad al-Hayqi, Habil Yahya, the Arif Mountains, and the Hasha Mountains have come under fire control of the armor and artillery units in the joint forces, which carry out continuous military operations in that area, after the liberation of the strategic al-Jab camp and the towns of al-Fakhr and Hajar in full.

Yesterday, the joint forces managed to damage a military vehicle for the militia, after targeting a missile in the southern outskirts of the town of Oud, north of the Qataba district.

It also managed to thwart an infiltration attempt by the militia towards the sites of Fort Jamar, Al-Qahra, Wainan, and Al-Khenqi, north and west of the Maris region in the Qataba district, and the militias incurred deaths and injuries, and destroyed their military vehicles.

In Saada, field sources confirmed that a number of dead and wounded were among the ranks of the Houthi militia, yesterday, in an tight ambush set by the army forces in the Axal Azal, east of the center of Baqim Directorate, after they had detected armed militia groups that attempted to infiltrate the locations of Jabal Shehath where the army units are stationed , On the eastern axis of the district of Baqim district, and lured them to a tight ambush.

According to sources, the operation resulted in the death and injury of more than 10 militia members, as well as the capture of two others, who tried to escape from the ambush trap, one of whom was wounded, and he was transferred to a hospital.

The Yemeni army forces monitored Houthi reinforcements that included fighters, weapons and ammunition, most of the deceived individuals who were thrown into them in the crematorium of death, among them African mercenaries that pushed them towards the Baqam fronts after targeting their collection sites in the Raqou area of ​​the district of Manbeh.

In Al-Jawf, the Yemeni army forces were able to cordon off the center of the Bert al-Anan district of Al-Jawf Governorate, after liberating the entire districts of the district from the Houthi militias, including the Afi area and the surrounding Habash mountain range, and the Qasha'an mountain range in the same district, which was used by the militias as a launching pad for attacks against Army locations in the vicinity of the district's Directorate.

Field sources in Al-Jouf said that the army forces of the Sixth Military Region continued to advance after completing the liberation of those sites, and continued to cordon off the center of Bert El-Anan district, to which Houthi elements escaped from the liberated areas.

According to the sources, the army forces, led by Brigadier Haikal Hanaf, will continue to impose a tight siege on the center of the district, until forced Houthi militia fighters to surrender, noting that the army avoids storming the center, in order to preserve the safety of civilians, as the center has a high population density.

In Hodeidah, the Houthi coup militia continued to violate the armistice, targeting joint sites and residential neighborhoods in several areas, and yesterday targeted the positions of the joint forces in the mountain in the district of Al-Tahitah with rocket-propelled grenades, in addition to medium and sniper weapons.

The army is advancing in the Houthi stronghold

Supported by the Arab coalition, the Yemeni army advanced in the Al-Thabit front in the Qataber district northwest of Saada governorate, which is the stronghold of the Houthi militia, and field sources indicated that yesterday, the army managed to control Tibbat al-Rubu and some of the cisterns bordering the Al-Jalal Valley bordering the Al-Souq market. Fixed.

The sources pointed out that the military operation led to the death of a number of Houthi elements, including the field leader, the spatially named "Abu Ali"

Houthi coup militia continues to violate the armistice and targeting "joint" sites and residential neighborhoods in Hodeidah.

Yesterday, the joint forces managed to damage a military vehicle of the militia after targeting it with a guided missile.