- We have mapped out how many cases it is about. Most are from 2018, it was a little fewer last year, but the problem remains. It is difficult to know exactly how many there are, it is about at least 15, says Jens Fischer (OR), a municipal council in Hagfors.

It was from the beginning of 2018 that socially vulnerable people in Täby, among others, were invited to search for apartments where there were empty homes.

Municipalities protest

Hagfors Municipality has noted at least 15 such cases. Both Filipstad and Hagfors have objected to the fact that metropolitan areas in this way impose overheads on municipalities that already have tough finances.

- Those who come here are far from the labor market, end up in welfare support and it costs money for the municipality. It is also a problem for the individual it is about, says Jens Fischer.