In view of the protests against the Iranian leadership after the inadvertent shooting down of a Ukrainian passenger plane, the German government has called on the security forces in Iran to exercise restraint. The Iranian population must have the opportunity to "protest peacefully and freely," said a spokeswoman for the Federal Foreign Office. The Federal Government is therefore calling on the security forces "to be as cautious as possible".

In Tehran, a memorial event for the victims of the plane crash turned into angry protest at the weekend. The police used tear gas against several hundred demonstrators at Amir Kabir University who had requested the resignation of those responsible for the shooting. According to the media, the police also shot with live ammunition.

In the early Saturday evening, hundreds of students gathered in front of the university in downtown Tehran.
In front of the entrance to the Amir Kabir University: two women light candles to commemorate the victims of the plane crash. 176 people had died.
The protesters in Tehran were outraged by the Iranian leadership's admission that it was responsible for the crash of the Ukrainian passenger plane. The authorities had previously denied this for days.
According to local news agencies, hundreds took part in protests outside Tehran, Amir Kabir and Sharif universities.
Iranians lit candles for the victims. Iranian President Hassan Ruhani said the rocket that caused the plane to crash was accidentally fired and described it as an "unforgivable error".
The destination of the flight was Ukraine. And there, too, people mourn: At Boryspil airport near Kiev, relatives of passengers and crew remember.
Flight PS752 never arrived at Boryspil International Airport in Ukraine. The machine climbed to a height of 2,400 meters after starting in Tehran, then it crashed.
Many Americans also support the protests in Iran. On Saturday, people gathered in Los Angeles, California to demonstrate for a free Iran.
Iranian Americans from all over California came to Los Angeles to express their support for nationwide protests in Iran.
Vancouver, Canada: A woman mourns, 57 Canadians were on board the plane.
In London, the protests were organized by the British disarmament movement CND (Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament) and the anti-war organization Stop the War Coalition.
"No war with Iran" - British demonstrators moved towards Trafalgar Square in London.
The British ambassador to Iran was briefly arrested while people took to the streets in London. He was accused of taking part in the protests.
In front of the US embassy in Athens: Protesters protest against the US military action against Iran. The United States had deliberately killed the Iranian militia general Kassem Soleimani.
"Geen oorlog met Iran" - "No war with Iran". The people of the Netherlands also demanded this.
Demonstrations were also held in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Before the demonstrations on Sunday evening, the police had apparently received a restraint order. Police and general Hossein Rahimi said that they had practiced "patience and tolerance". The police "did not shoot at all" because they received an "order to hold back".

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards had only taken responsibility for shooting down the plane from Ukraine International Airlines on Saturday with 176 dead. That is good, but there are still a number of questions that need to be clarified, said government spokesman Steffen Seibert. He pointed out that Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had asked for full clarification of the degree. Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht (SPD) also called for clarification: "There must be facts on the table," she said. Public pressure on the country has grown: the mullahs "are no longer getting along with lies and concealments".

Airplane crash - Iran admits unintentional shooting down of passenger plane Iran has conceded responsibility for the crash of the Ukrainian passenger plane. A "human error" led to the shooting. © Photo: AFP