A fire truck in Strasbourh, in 2018 (illustration image) - Gilles Varela

Three firefighters were attacked with a knife by a person they came to rescue Sunday morning near Strasbourg, announced Sdis du Bas-Rhin on its Twitter account. One of them was injured. "Around 5:00 am, the firefighters of Bas-Rhin are called to Schiltigheim for a person who does not answer calls", before being "attacked with a knife by the individual" whom they had come to rescue and who tried to hit them several times, wounding one of them in the face, reports Sdis (departmental fire and rescue service) in this message.

3 # Pompiers67 were victims of a stabbing attack by the person they rescued in Schiltigheim. 1 MS was injured in the face. Once again and more than ever the management of @ Sdis67 scandalized testifies to its support to its personnel. # TouchePasÀMonPompier pic.twitter.com/twXY5jOstL

- SDIS du Bas-Rhin (@ sdis67) January 12, 2020

"These inadmissible acts do not distract us from our desire to help our fellow citizens in a spirit of benevolence, but with the unwavering guarantee of being able to exercise our profession in optimal conditions of security," he adds. The injured firefighter was hit on the cheekbone and had to be stitched up, explained to Agence France-Presse (AFP) colonel Patrice Gerber, deputy departmental director of Sdis, stressing that his two colleagues were also "psychologically very affected" . All three were pursued by the assailant and "owed their salvation only to a door". The service and the firefighters have filed complaints, according to Colonel Gerber.

An eventful start to the year

This aggression occurred a few days after an eventful start to the year for the Bas-Rhin firefighters, who were targeted during the urban violence that occurred during the New Year in sensitive districts of Strasbourg. Two firefighters were notably injured following a projectile which had penetrated a window of their vehicle. Sdis then denounced "unprecedented violent attacks" and "real ambushes".

Sunday's attack is creating "stir again among the firefighters" reacted the chairman of the board of directors of Sdis, Thierry Carbiener. "We cannot have the police or the gendarmerie with us all the time when we are on the rescue of anyone, but we will have to ask the question of the self-defense of the firefighters in intervention", he said. highlighted.


Assault on firefighters in Strasbourg: "They were very afraid, they fell into ambushes"

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