This is not the first time the man gets a job on false academic merit. Last year, DN revealed that he worked for two years as a security-classified manager at the Coast Guard without even studying at the university he stated in his resume.

Although the Coast Guard informed the Armed Forces, Säpo and the Government Offices about the scam, he was hand-picked by the Armed Forces as chief of staff for the UN force. The man began his employment in the fall of 2019, but was suspended before going to Mali - after the DN's investigation, an investigation has been launched against him.

- So we have a person who is not an officer but who pretends to be an officer. Who has worked against foreign power in several different countries. Who has done it with borrowed springs, based on a pure lie, says David Bergman, major in charge of officer training, to DN.

- I've never been to anything like that in the defense.

Stationed abroad

The man has stated that he graduated in 1999 with the Signal Troops Officer's College in Enköping - but he never studied there. His forged diploma is signed with the name of a non-existent colonel.

In defense, the man has worked as a captain in Kosovo and a major in Afghanistan, where he supervised soldiers and was responsible for information security.

For that, he needed both a reserve officer's degree and a special education at the National Defense College - but he lacks both.

Managed crypto keys

Between 2007 and 2010, and again in 2013, the man worked at the Military Intelligence and Security Service, Must. There he has, among other things, developed systems for managing crypto keys, which makes the defense telecommunications unreadable for foreign signal voltage.

He has also worked for several years within one of the defense group Saab's companies, where he has worked with protective data for, among other things, the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration.

Retired Colonel Jan Petersson, former head of the Swedish Armed Forces Command Center in Enköping, tells DN that the fake officer is a security risk.

- Because he is on a lying platform, he is very easy to influence. That he has worked with cryptosystems at Must… It does not feel good at all.

Armed Forces: Mistakes made

The Armed Forces have launched an internal investigation to clarify what has happened.

"It was a series of unfortunate circumstances and I can only say that we unfortunately made mistakes on our part in connection with some of the employment," says Carl-Axel Blomdahl, head of the management team's coordination section and leader of the investigation, to SVT.

According to him, what has happened is a very unusual case and in normal cases, the Armed Forces should reveal such lies.

- Of course you should be able to do that, and I dare say that with the methods we have today when we do security testing, we discover such things. In my 30 years in the Armed Forces, I have not participated in anything like this, says Carl-Axel Blomdahl.

No security risk

The man has, among other things, been employed in the intelligence service, but according to the investigator there is no indication that he should have posed a danger to the security of the kingdom or that any irregularities should have occurred.

- We have not been able to establish that he posed a security risk in that way. On the contrary, he has been well acknowledged for all the services he has had in the Armed Forces.

The fake officer has not wanted to put up an interview with DN.