A Ukrainian Boeing 737 with 176 passengers crashed after takeoff near Tehran. - AFP

Two days after the crash of a Ukrainian International Airlines Boeing in Iran, which killed 176 people, the Ukrainian experts present to investigate have obtained access to the black boxes from the Tehran authorities, Ukrainian diplomacy announced on Friday .

"Our team has now gained access to the black boxes" and the debris from the aircraft, said Vadym Prystaïko, the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, during a press conference. "All of this information is being analyzed," he said.

Iranian missile thesis defended by several countries

Ukraine has sent around 50 experts to Iran to participate in the investigation into the crash, which killed 176 people. They are mainly Iranians and Canadians, but also eleven Ukrainians including nine members of the crew. The drama came hours after several Iranian missiles were fired at two bases housing American soldiers in Iraq, in reaction to the assassination of Iranian general Soleimani a few days earlier in an American strike.

American Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said Friday that the Ukrainian Boeing had "probably" been shot down by an Iranian missile, while specifying that the United States was going to "let the investigation take place before reaching any final conclusion". Canada, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands have also said that the Boeing was likely shot down by an Iranian missile, while Tehran says with certainty that the plane was "not hit by a missile".


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