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The PP considers the large state pacts proposed to the PSOE unfeasible


"What Sanchez could have done with the PP now ERC prevents it." In Genoa they give up, today, the possibility of reaching great state pacts with the PSOE, as

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"What Sanchez could have taken with the PP now ERC prevents it." In Genoa they give up, today, the possibility of reaching great state pacts with the PSOE, as Pablo Casado has been proposing. The president of the popular raised in November 11 agreements to give "stability" to the legislature if Pedro Sanchez sought the support of citizens for the investiture. Because if not, he said, the socialist leader would have "burned all his ships."

The popular have continued to insist on this proposal, but now they have decided that the agreements with ERC and the PNV and the drift towards "a regime change" that, in his opinion, the newly elected president has undertaken, are incompatible with that offer of pacts, as EL MUNDO has been able to know.

"The state pacts we offered to Sanchez now jump through the air," Genoa sources say. That is, the PP considers its proposal broken, which included the following agreements "to guarantee governance during the legislature."

Electoral reform to avoid blockages, educational pact, strategy against depopulation, joint response against independence in Catalonia, prevent the governance of Navarra and the Basque Country from relying on Bildu, a budget pact with lower taxes, demographic strategy against depopulation of the Spain emptied , a renewed pact against gender violence -this is not going to decline-, pension reform, unity of action on major issues related to defense and international politics, renew the judiciary (without specifying with what model) and infrastructure (to which the PP asked to add the water policy).

The reason for closing the door to these agreements is not that Genoa does not want to undertake such reforms, but believes that the coalition government is going in the opposite direction after "allying" with parties close to the two great enemies of Spanish democracy, "the terrorists and the coup plotters. " And all because of the "pathological personal ambition" of the president, who will make up "the most radical government in history", in which all are "ultras", starting with Sánchez, according to Pablo Casado.

Everything "depends" on Pedro Sánchez

In Genoa they insist that everything "depends" on Sánchez. To meet the PP must break ties with ERC, the PNV and United We can, but the popular are convinced that it will not do it, because it has already been mortgaged for all territorial policy and for Budgets.

Although the offer declines as a whole, among the 11 State pacts there are unique cases. First, that of pensions . The PP wants to reform the system, but presenting its own proposal, without having previously agreed with the PSOE. In fact, he has submitted a letter to the Bureau of Congress to immediately create the monitoring and evaluation commission of the Toledo Pact. But in search of a subsequent consensus, and not prior as proposed so far.

Second is the pact for the renewal of Justice . Pablo Casado has not moved from his position contrary to renewing the General Council of the Judiciary ( CGPJ ), but his team has a nuance: "For now." Then it will be seen if the renewal is partially unlocked.

In Genoa they are aware that the investiture has marked the playing fields, and they insist that "in any case, who has to move token is Sanchez". So, "for now," the PP remains in the position it was in all of 2019: that we have to go back to the previous model so that the 12 members of the Council can be chosen by the members of the judicial career in a secret way and direct.

As for the electoral reform , the popular have flirted in recent weeks with the idea of ​​conferring a seat bonus to the party winning the elections, in the manner of Greece , where they are given 50. It is something that allows the Constitution. The PSOE, on the other hand, wants that in the investitures it is not possible to vote no, but that candidates are presented and the most voted wins.

Finally, and out of this package of agreements, the PP will not agree with the PSOE to renew the Ombudsman , Francisco Fernández Marugán , who has been in operation since July 2017.

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