The head of the Iranian aviation authority Ali Abedzadeh said during a press conference on Friday that it is not true that a rocket has brought down the Ukrainian passenger aircraft near the Iranian capital Tehran. Both the United States and Canada said on Thursday evening that intelligence shows that the flight had been brought down.

Abedzadeh calls on both countries to release the information on which they base this claim. According to him, both countries were also invited to participate in the investigation into the precise cause of the crash.

All 176 passengers, including 63 Canadians and 4 British, were killed. Iran was able to report quite soon after the crash that according to their initial findings it was a technical defect, but this is now being questioned. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson speak of a "possibly inadvertent" act, which is also stated by the US intelligence services.

There were no Americans on board, but the US was probably also invited to participate in the study because the crashed aircraft was produced by the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing.


Trudeau: "Iran shot the Ukrainian plane"

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