Four students at the Higher Colleges of Technology in Madinat Zayed devised a modern technique for monitoring children and saving them from drowning in swimming pools, using a robot that works automatically without human intervention.

The student, Wadha Rakan Mohammed Al-Murar, told «Emirates Today» that the robot project is equipped with a type (PIXY2) camera, that recognizes a yellow jacket that the child wears while in the pool, explaining that the project consists of two cameras attached to both ends of the pool, in addition to a robotic arm that reaches To the child and receive a buoy.

The project explained the way the project works, that the camera monitors the child, works when he is drowned, locates the child, converts it to coordinates, then sends it to the coordinate storage device with code, and through programming the child is located, so a robotic arm moves towards the child, carrying a floating buoy that you receive to him , And the device beeps, that a child is drowning, and a warning light. Al-Murar continued, that she participated in the implementation of the project with Salama Ahmad Saif Al-Hamli, Shamsa Faris Issa Al-Mazroui, and Shamma Saeed Fadhel Al-Hamli, in the Department of Electronic Engineering, and supervised the project, Dr. Abdulelah Al-Shabatat.

She stated that they faced several challenges at the beginning of the implementation of the project, but with determination and work they were able to implement it, pointing out that they took eight months to plan and implement the project.

She stated that the project won the first place in a competition organized by the Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai last December, and will participate in the first phase of a science competition that we are expected to organize during the coming period.