January 09, 2020 First ablation surgery of atrial fibrillation with the use of hypnosis for analgesic purposes. It was performed in the electrophysiology room of the San Paolo Hospital of Savona by Luca Bacino, who introduced the use of hypnosis in clinical practice to Savona thanks to the collaboration with the Arrhythmology Center of the Cardinal Massaia Hospital of Asti and after having attended the Italian school of hypnosis Ciics in Turin.

"When I entered and saw the room full of machines and wires, I was afraid. Then Dr. Luca Bacino approached me and started talking to me, asking me to take deep breaths and relax. And it all subsided: the voices, the noises. I felt everything but 'distant', I felt no pain. And the 4 hours that I spent in that position literally flew. " Speaking at the Ivg site in Savona is Paolo Peira, 63, who underwent atrial fibrillation ablation with hypnosis on 20 December.