Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in the early 2020s, had a light beard that surprised his fans, as well as revolted his critics in Canada. Prime Minister Photographer Adam Scotty unveiled Trudeau's new appearance on a social networking site on Monday afternoon, as Trudeau appeared in the photo with his new beard, putting his fingers in front of his lips, gazing carefully before him. Another photo, which Trudeau posted on his Twitter account, also featured other features of his beard.

Many of Trudeau's critics were quick to brag about the new beard with the phrase "and who cares about that?", Which indicates an indifference to what he did before. To work. It is known that Trudeau used throughout his four-year tenure a carefully designed image of the public, from his appearance in sportswear and his Halloween fashions to his strange socks, so there is no doubt that there is a deeper motivation behind Choosing to let his beard grow.

So what does a beard mean?

"I think it gives him a touch of maturity and experience," says Leah Morigan, Toronto's photo consultant for men. “Trudeau keeps up with modern trends in his new beard, as many men have appeared with white beard hair in recent years. He wants his white hair to show up to tell people: I'm not just a pretty boy anymore, but I'm an experienced man. ”

Social media users were quick to make comments about Trudeau's beard. A Twitter user thinks it is an attempt by Trudeau to act as a mature statesman, adding that he looks much better, more mature and serious. "It looks much better, more mature and serious," wrote a social networking pioneer. The former liberal MP, Selena Sezer Chavannes, expressed her opinion positively, saying: "I will not lie if I say that I have liked the beard."

- Many of Trudeau's critics were quick to brag about the new beard with the phrase, "And who cares?"