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Debris from the Ukrainian International Airlines Boeing 737 which crashed in Tehran on Wednesday, killing 176 mostly Iranian-Canadian people. Nazanin Tabatabaee / WANA / REUTERS

Donald Trump on Thursday expressed his "doubts" about the reasons for the crash of a Boeing in Iran when, according to several media, American officials are convinced that the plane was shot down by mistake.

" I have my doubts, " said the American president, when asked about the reasons for the crash of this Ukrainian airliner Wednesday near Tehran which left 176 dead. " I have the feeling that something terrible has happened, " he added during an exchange with journalists at the White House. The disaster came shortly after Tehran fired missiles at bases used by the US military in Iraq.

Meanwhile, CNN and CBS and Newsweek magazine cited US officials on condition of anonymity, who are convinced that Tehran's anti-aircraft defense shot down UIA flight PS752 just after takeoff. . The Boeing of Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) took off Wednesday morning from Tehran towards Kiev before crashing two minutes later, killing the 176 people on board, mainly Iranians and Canadians.

A source close to Canadian security services told Reuters that there were indications of overheating of
one of the engines. The first assessment of Western intelligence services is that the aircraft suffered a technical malfunction and was not shot down by a missile, five security sources (three American, one European and one Canadian) told Reuters.

Ukraine examines 4 theories

In Kiev, Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski said the government was considering several plausible causes for the plane's crash. In a televised address, he urged his compatriots not to give in to
speculation, conspiracy theories or hasty conclusions. Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, wrote on Facebook that Ukraine is examining four main theories: shooting
missile, collision, engine explosion or act of terrorism.

Iranian authorities said on Thursday that " illogical rumors " that the plane was shot down by a missile "make no sense ". " Scientifically, it is impossible for a missile to hit the Ukrainian plane ," said Ali Abedzadeh, the head of Iranian civil aviation, quoted by
the Isna news agency.

50 Ukrainian experts in Tehran

About fifty Ukrainian experts arrived in Tehran on Thursday to participate in the investigation and in particular the decryption of the black boxes of the Boeing. " At one point or another, they will give the black boxes, ideally to Boeing, but if they give them to France or another country, that would also be fine ," said Donald Trump.

Nothing formally obliges Iran to have this material analyzed in the United States, but any country that does not have the technical means can entrust the task to one of the few able to do so (United States, Germany and France , especially). Kiev is examining various hypotheses, including an anti-aircraft missile, the explosion of a bomb placed on board, or a collision with a drone.

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