The Federal Nuclear Control Authority obligated the health authorities in the country to license 30 types of radiology equipment and devices, within three days of receiving the circular, which the authority sent to the relevant authorities to take the necessary action.

The authority directed a circular to this effect, Emirates Today obtained a copy of it, for users and suppliers of radioactive sources or radiation generators (x-rays) for medical purposes (radiography, dental radiography, nuclear medicine), or for non-medical purposes (security checks, data logging Wells, training, research, irradiation equipment, measuring devices, industrial radiography).

The commission clarified that the system in force in the country requires these bodies to apply to the Federal Nuclear Supervision Authority to obtain a license to exercise control activity within three working days of receiving this circular.

She pointed out that the transfer of controlled materials to any person who is not authorized by the authority is in violation of the regulatory regulations, and the beneficiary of these transferred materials is applied to him a list of fines, and the authorities to whom the circular is directed, inform the beneficiary parties to communicate with the authority, for instructions to obtain a practice license Their business, as well as see the list of controlled medical devices.

The Federal Nuclear Control Authority pointed out that the law punishes anyone who engages in any of the activities subject to control without obtaining a license to do so or without being exempted, by imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year and a fine of not less than 500 thousand dirhams and not more than 50 million dirhams, or one of the These two penalties.

The circular clarified that users of these devices must submit the license application electronically through the website of the commission

The list of controlled equipment included “intraoral dental X-rays, panoramic X-rays, dental head readout x-ray, dental tomography, bone density meter, traditional dental x-ray generator, conical tomography generator, positron emission tomography, imaging Single positron emission tomography, x-ray generator, traditional x-ray generator, linear accelerator ».

The list also includes a second X-ray, a mobile X-ray generator, fixed X-ray therapy, electronic radiation therapy, portable X-ray generator, fluorescent X-ray, cyclotron, cyclotron heavy ions, an X-ray generator and an X-ray generator for lithotripsy, Mammographic x-ray generator, catheter laboratory ray generators, deep processing x-ray generator, CO arm x-ray generator, accelerated electron pulse, encapsulated and uncoated radioactive sources, x-ray simulation, and other applications of radiation generators X-ray.

- "Nuclear Control" has drawn up a list of controlled medical devices.

Transferring controlled substances to any person who is not licensed, is considered a violation.