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07 January 2020 Sardines go to a national congress, probably two days, whose dates will be announced by January 26. The decision was made by the national board of Bologna delle Sardine and announced this morning on TV by the Turin spokeswoman Francesca ValentinaPenotti.

"At regional level we are a little divided, in the sense that each Region thinks a little for itself. In Piedmont we will have a sort of Congress meeting on January 25th. Also important is Emilia Romagna on January 19th 'Sardina hosts sardine' therefore which will include the weekend between January 18 and 19. Instead the National team can tell you that by January 26 a date will come out, a date that will be established after January 26, in which there will be a National Congress of us sardine representatives and it will probably be two days. " This is the agenda of the coming months of the movement, announced by Penotti to Agorà on Rai 3