Cologne (dpa) - In the debate about the “environmental sow” song, freelance television authors have shown solidarity with the WDR employees and massively criticized director Tom Buhrow.

"With his reaction to the artificially created scandal, Tom Buhrow fell into a trap from which he can no longer get out without a massive loss of credibility," wrote more than 40 signatories to a declaration of solidarity published on Monday.

In the song, a children's choir sang to the melody of "My grandma drives a motorcycle in the chicken coop", among other things, "My grandma is an old environmental pig". The corresponding video was soon deleted by the WDR. Director Tom Buhrow apologized for the satire.

He was then accused of playing into the hands of right-wing activists who had largely artificially created the wave of outrage on the Internet. Buhrow denied that. WDR recognized the mechanisms of right-wing mobilization on the Internet, he told Spiegel. In addition, there was also a real, uncontrolled outrage from otherwise well-meaning listeners.

The signatories to the declaration of solidarity demanded: "A media manager whose handling of modern, right-wing propaganda is so naive and inept and who is unable to face his employees on the simplest questions of freedom of the press and freedom of expression endangers them freedoms. He should take the consequences. »

Signatories include the "Neo Magazin Royale" author Max Bierhals, the chief author of the ZDF "Today Show", Morten Kühne, and Stefan Stuckmann, inventor of the comedy series "Eichwald, MdB". With the declaration, the signatories also want to ensure that the “environmental sow” song is put online again.

solidarity Statement