Juan Guaidó, opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela, was denied access to the parliament building on Sunday (local time). As a result, the politician could not be in the vote for the President of the Parliament, a position he previously held.

Guaidó tried to climb over a fence, but was eventually stopped by the Venezuelan security forces.

Ultimately, his opposition party itself organized an unofficial vote. Guaidó emerged as the winner, which was not to be expected. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced shortly after the incident that the country "has elected a new leader of parliament". According to Maduro, Luis Parra is the new chairman.

Guaidó says on Twitter that he will not lose hope. The self-proclaimed interim president has been trying for over a year to get the population behind him in his struggle to oust Maduro. The country is struggling with a serious economic crisis and hyperinflation, as a result of which many residents cannot purchase daily necessities.


ME stops Guaidó after climbing the Venezuela parliament building

Coup attempt went out like a night candle

The situation ensures that Guaidó can count on considerable numbers of followers. However, during a power grab last year, it turned out that he did not have the required support from the army. The coup attempt went out like a night candle.

The opposition leader has a large number of countries behind him, including the Netherlands. US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said in an initial reaction to the events that Guaidó was re-elected and speaks out against the Maduro regime.