by Michela Coricelli 06 January 2020 The European stock exchanges continue to drop sharply, weighed down by serious Middle Eastern tensions. The risk of US-Iran escalation worries investors, who turn their backs on the lists and turn to safe-haven assets.
Gold is close to the highs of the past seven years (April 2013) at $ 1,577 an ounce.

Another evident effect of the international climate is the rush of oil prices. Brent is close to 70 dollars a barrel, American crude 64.

The lists are all very weak. Piazza Affari loses one and a half points, Frankfurt - the worst stock exchange - drops 1.60%, Paris and London about one point.
In Milan, the only stock rising (together with Leonardo at + 0.43%) is Eni, which earns a point and a half in the wake of oil prices.