06 January 2020 Pope Francis entered the procession in the basilica of San Pietro in the Vatican this morning to celebrate the Holy Mass on the solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord. The homily of the mass was an opportunity for Pope Francis to emphasize some issues dear to him.

"To adore is to go to the essential: it is the way to detoxify from many useless things, from addictions that anesthetize the heart and numb the mind. In fact, by adoring, one learns to reject what should not be worshiped: the god of money, the god of consumption , the god of pleasure, the god of success, our self erected to god. "

"Man, when he does not worship God, is led to worship his ego. And even Christian life, without worshiping the Lord, can become a polite way to approve oneself and one's skill. Christians who cannot know how to worship, who they cannot pray. It is a serious risk: to serve God instead of serving God. " Pope Francis warns against the lack of adoration towards God. "How many times have we exchanged the interests of the Gospel with ours, how many times have we cloaked religion that made us comfortable, how many times have we confused power according to God, which is to serve the others, with power according to the world, which is to serve oneself! ".