• Oceania: The voracious fires corner thousands of people on beaches in Australia

A light rain in the areas affected by fires in southeastern Australia has given Monday a break to firefighters and communities affected by fires, before temperatures return to around 40 degrees at the end of the week.

The Australian Meteorological Office indicated that the day will be dominated by cloudiness and some rains in the south of the state of New South Wales, the area most affected by fires, as well as in Victoria.

The head of the New South Wales Executive, Gadlys Berijiklian, reported that two people are missing after a weekend in which the flames caused a death and destroyed at least 60 houses, although it is feared that the figure is hundreds.

In the state of Victoria, where there are four missing, the authorities try to control the fires and assess the damage, while the operation continues to evacuate part of the 3,000 people who were fenced in Mallacoota, in the extreme southeast of Australia.

On Friday, more than a thousand people were evacuated by sea from Mallacoota, as well as some vulnerable people by air, an option that today is hampered by the low visibility caused by smoke, said the Air Command.

The smoke also affects several cities such as Melbourne or Canberra, affected by poor visibility and poor air quality that have forced the Australian capital to close daycare centers.

The forest fires that have burned since September in Australia have caused 23 deaths, most of them in the fires of the end of the year, and have destroyed more than a thousand homes, half a thousand of them in the last week.

The fires, considered among the worst of the century in Australia, have also calcined almost six million hectares of land, equivalent to twice the area of ​​Belgium, 4.2 million of which belong to New South Wales and more than 1 million to the adjacent state of Victoria.

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