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Isa Serra announces her pregnancy on Instagram

Malú, pregnant: Albert Rivera and the singer are going to be parents

The 2020 strong start in the political field and not only by the pacts. Far from focusing on fixing the country, public representatives have been given this for paternity. There are few national and regional deputies - or former deputies - who will welcome their offspring in the next 12 months. Of course, none as sound as the one that joins the recently retired Albert Rivera (40) with singer Malú (37). So many months of speculation and videos recorded incognito at a gas station end in a consolidated relationship and a baby on the way. Why hide something so beautiful!

With much more hype and saucer than his former party partner, Inés Arrimadas (38) also announced the pregnancy of his first child with Ana Rosa Quintana as a witness. The journalist was in charge of releasing the news and politics had no choice but to confirm it. As a bounce, he fulfilled two wishes almost at once: forming a family with his partner, Xavier Cima , and putting himself at the head of the party to which he has devoted his last years. Will we see her sharing a park and cart with Rivera as they did at the press conferences?

Two that have also been strangely linked, although saving distances, are Alberto Garzón (34) and Susana Díaz (45). The leader of the United Left - and future Minister of Consumption - and the former president of Andalusia are waiting for their respective second children - if everything is coincidence! While one chose to unveil the news on social networks, the other ended up confessing it to Ana Rosa as well. But what is happening! It seems that both are served time to devote to the family.

Although, without a doubt, the formation that has experienced its own explosive baby boom has been United We can. After the births of the last daughter of Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero, the son of Ramón Espinar and the daughter of Teresa Rodríguez and Kichi , it is the turn of Isa Serra (30) and Noelia Vera . With very few days away, both the national deputy and the spokeswoman in the Community of Madrid announced that they were pregnant. With birth on the ground, in UP they have taken this seriously to bring babies into the world.

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