Saturday starts with sun but during the afternoon the draft starts. Then there is a chance of rain and a strong wind can develop at the sea. It gets a maximum of 8 degrees.

This morning it is still quite cool. Last night it did not freeze but the temperature remained around the freezing point.

In the afternoon new clouds float into the country and the north in particular has to deal with precipitation. However, according to the KNMI, a splash of rain can fall anywhere in the country later in the day.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday it stays cloudy and it can drip here and there. At 5 degrees it is a lot warmer than last night.

Next 5 days Max Min. Wind
Sunday 7 ° 4 ° SW 3
Monday 6 ° 4 ° Z 5
Tuesday 10 ° 4 ° ZW 5
Wednesday 11 ° 8 ° W 5
Thursday 9 ° 6 ° ZZW 4