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New Istat basket: vegan foods, centrifuges and smartwatches


Vegan preparations, centrifuged fruit and vegetables at the bar, craft beer, wrist devices for sports activities and sound bars are the new products while traditional video cameras come out, replaced by the Action camera

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03 February 2017Vegan foods, centrifuges and smartwatches in the Istat basket for 2017. Farewell to traditional video cameras replaced by the action camera. These are some of the new features in the list of consumer products and reference services for calculating inflation.

Twelve new entries
Preparations of meat to be cooked, vegetarian and / or vegan preparations, centrifuged fruit and / or vegetables at the bar, craft beer, smartwatch, wrist devices for sports activities, sound bars (sound amplifier bars), action cameras, jet cartridges ink, dryers, centrifuges and home insurance services. Traditional cameras leave the basket (replaced by the action camera).

Food products
The basket also includes radicchio di Verona Igp and radicchio di Chioggia Igp. Other leaf and stem plants; the elementary products pink lady apples or pink cripps and round courgettes complement the respective product aggregates Apples and Zucchini; the aggregate of Vegetable products in the package, previously covered only by the salad in the package, is enriched with the new products fresh spinach in the package and onions in the package, to represent the growing demand for ready-to-eat food products.

Goods and services
The dermatologist (intramural activity) joins the other services of the consumer segment. Specialist medical services - full payment; the duvet cover, introduced to better cover the consumer segment. Sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers.

Increase the weight of transport and clothing
In the weighting structure of the basket of the consumer price index updated to 2017, the weight of Transport and Clothing and footwear increases, while that of Housing, water, electricity and fuels decreases. The expenditure division for Food and non-alcoholic drinks continues to have the greatest weight in the basket (16.50%), followed by Transport (13.93%), hospitality and restaurant services (11.49%), and by Housing , water, electricity and fuels (10.73%). Considering the type of products, the weight of services slightly increased in the 2017 basket (from 46.28% to 46.39%) at the expense of that of goods (from 53.72% to 53.61%). The recomposition is due to the higher incidence of services relating to transport and recreational, cultural and personal care services, to the decrease in the relative weight of regulated energy goods and, to a lesser extent, to that of food and tobacco.

Source: rainews

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