The Director of the General Department for Investigations and Criminal Investigations in Dubai Police, Brigadier Jamal Salem Al-Jallaf, said that the Department of Combating Economic Crimes in the Public Administration recorded 297 cases of forgery and counterfeiting crimes, with a market value of two billion and 570 million and 253 thousand and 778 dirhams, during the past year.

Al-Jallaf stressed that Dubai Police is sparing no effort to combat economic crimes, and pays great attention in cooperation with its partners to combat counterfeit products and goods, inspecting stores and controlling those involved in counterfeiting and counterfeiting cases, according to security measures that combat the spread of all counterfeit commercial goods of all kinds, in a manner that preserves the rights of trademark owners Commercial and their intellectual property.

He explained that the administration works according to the directives of the Commander in Chief of Dubai Police, Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, and the follow-up to the Assistant Commander in Chief for Criminal Research Affairs, Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, and they follow best practices and international standards, to reduce the various methods and aspects that cause harm to companies and individuals, stressing that the administration It deals with reports of counterfeiting and counterfeiting of international brands products in full packages and seriously, in order to preserve the rights of investors in the country.

Al-Jallaf pointed out that the efforts of Dubai Police in combating counterfeit brands resulted in the recent praise of eight specialized companies from international brands for the positive positive results in the field of combating and controlling counterfeit goods, most notably Apple, Louis Vuitton, Richemont, Toyota and Reckitt Benckiser. And others.