Emmanuel Macron and Jair Bolsonaro at the G20 in Osaka, June 28, 2019. - Jacques Witt / SIPA

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his head of government, Onyx Lorenzoni, castigated Emmanuel Macron's "ideological silence" on Thursday over the deadly fires ravaging southeastern Australia.

This reaction comes when criticisms of the French president during the fires in the Amazon in August and September last had been very badly received in Brasilia. These fires, largely due to rampant deforestation, have caused a diplomatic quarrel between the two countries which has still not been settled. Jair Bolsonaro had accused France in particular of "colonialism" and had repeatedly asserted Brazil's sovereignty over the Amazon.

Macron and his "socialist ideology"

“The world regrets the fires and the deaths in Australia. Here in Brazil it is hard to understand the silence of @ EmmanuelMacron. Different reactions when it comes to Brazil ... Real concern with the environment or socialist ideology ...? », Tweeted this Thursday evening Onyx Lorenzoni, in French, after a series of messages in Portuguese.

"Macron attacked Brazil with false news because here President Bolsonaro does not submit to socialist ideas," he continued in another tweet. On Wednesday, he had already denounced the "deafening silence of Macron and" Green Europe "" on the fires in Australia.

Macron attacked Brazil with false news because here President Bolsonaro does not submit to socialist ideas.

- Onyx Lorenzoni 🇧🇷 (@onyxlorenzoni) January 2, 2020

Bolsonaro also attacks Greta Thunberg

In his direct on Facebook Thursday evening, President Bolsonaro went further and pretended to wonder: "Macron has said something so far? He talked about questioning the sovereignty of Australia? ". By the way, the climatosceptic president also asked if the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, whom he recently described as "a kid", "said something too".

Jair Bolsonaro offered help to Australia to fight the fires that killed at least eight people, but did not provide details. Faced with great emotion in the world, Brazil had tried in August to minimize the scale of the fires in the Amazon and President Bolsonaro had accused NGOs of having caused the outbreak of fire.


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