A 39-year-old father and his 4-year-old son died in a fire in an apartment building in Arnhem in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. Two other members of the family were injured, reports the Gelderland police.

The mother (36) and daughter (8) were taken to the hospital with injuries, where they are still lying on Wednesday morning. Nothing else has been disclosed about their condition.

The family from Arnhem was visiting the flat on the Gelderseplein, in the south of the Gelderland city. A police spokesperson says that the foursome was found near a stairwell and the elevator, in very bad condition.

The fire raged at the entrance, stairwell and elevator. Part of the residents of the flat were evacuated by the fire brigade. The entrance to the building was destroyed by the fire.


Father and son die in a fire in Arnhem's flat

Investigation into cause is still ongoing

What caused the fire is not yet known. Research is being done into this. The police take into account that the fire was caused by fireworks that may have been set in the apartment entrance.

Ahmed Marcouch, Arnhem's mayor of Arnhem, responded to the fire via Twitter. He said he was shocked and thought of the victims, their relatives and loved ones. "What happened last night in this flat is a big drama that has an incredible impact on the lives of those involved."

Emergency services at the apartment building in Arnhem. (Photo: Heitink press agency)