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News - Politics 2019/7/13

Turkish pastry-record holder sent Putin a pie

News - Politics 2019-07-13T23:18:43.096Z

Vatican: Bones found in search of missing teen

News - Politics 2019-07-13T23:03:43.103Z

Zelensky swim in the Black Sea with the Ukrainians

News - Politics 2019-07-13T22:57:42.980Z

China: Authorities in China again arrest Canadians

News - Politics 2019-07-13T22:48:48.693Z

Satellite TV / Tech Giants and Future Scenarios

News - Politics 2019-07-13T22:15:54.275Z

Graphic .. 19 standard for the «swimming pool» safe

News - Politics 2019-07-13T22:09:59.487Z

Government: Guaidó bodyguard arrested in Venezuela

News - Politics 2019-07-13T21:45:43.075Z

Wimbledon: Mahut-Vasselin pair fails in the final

News - Politics 2019-07-13T20:57:43.051Z

Music: Record of MDR show interrupted due to thunderstorm

News - Politics 2019-07-13T20:54:48.800Z

Climate policy: storms, floods, money

News - Politics 2019-07-13T20:21:48.483Z

Boxing: The pass of 10 for Cissokho

News - Politics 2019-07-13T20:12:43.089Z

Antisemitic books sold on Amazon denounce German Jews

News - Politics 2019-07-13T20:06:42.926Z

Gambling: The lottery numbers

News - Politics 2019-07-13T19:00:48.692Z

Wimbledon: Halep, the antidiva converted to turf

News - Politics 2019-07-13T18:36:54.060Z

Egypt: public opening of two new pyramids

News - Politics 2019-07-13T18:36:42.980Z

100 years ago, the "parade of victory" told by a teenager

News - Politics 2019-07-13T18:30:48.782Z

Hurricane "Barry" hit Louisiana

News - Politics 2019-07-13T18:30:42.906Z

France: total loss

News - Politics 2019-07-13T18:22:11.674Z

Renaud announces his next album for autumn

News - Politics 2019-07-13T18:22:06.085Z

Tropical storm Barry ashore in American state Louisiana

News - Politics 2019-07-13T18:22:00.292Z

Train: Thunderstorm damaged Catenary - train stuck

News - Politics 2019-07-13T18:12:59.775Z

UK: Iranian tanker can go if it does not go to Syria

News - Politics 2019-07-13T18:06:59.909Z

Weather: Hurricane heading for the US South Coast

News - Politics 2019-07-13T18:03:48.422Z

Sport: Sexual Abuse: Reiter Verband defends itself

News - Politics 2019-07-13T18:03:42.979Z

Wimbledon: Serena wants to find the "groove"

News - Politics 2019-07-13T17:51:54.476Z

Occupation of the Pantheon: 21 undocumented detainees

News - Politics 2019-07-13T17:27:42.945Z

The 35th action of "yellow vests" took place in France

News - Politics 2019-07-13T17:24:42.811Z

C. Bernd Sucher: "I delivered myself to her"

News - Politics 2019-07-13T17:03:59.564Z

Several hundred "yellow vests" demonstrate in Paris

News - Politics 2019-07-13T16:36:59.287Z

British F1 GP: Bottas deprives Hamilton of home pole

News - Politics 2019-07-13T16:16:16.675Z

Elections: Meuthen: AfD is not facing the split

News - Politics 2019-07-13T16:15:53.979Z

Neglected lion in the Netherlands Protest in Hong Kong

News - Politics 2019-07-13T15:37:05.289Z

Acting governor of Sevastopol dismissed the government

News - Politics 2019-07-13T15:30:48.277Z

Cow patties: flatbreads of life

News - Politics 2019-07-13T15:30:42.793Z

Johnson supported the publication of media leaks

News - Politics 2019-07-13T15:18:48.741Z

The Paris of Arts - The Paris of Arts in Aix-en-Provence

News - Politics 2019-07-13T14:57:42.881Z

Militants staged an attack on a hotel in Afghanistan

News - Politics 2019-07-13T14:49:00.070Z

Ukraine no longer talks to Russia or on television

News - Politics 2019-07-13T14:43:33.690Z

Mexico: The coyotes determine

News - Politics 2019-07-13T14:42:48.407Z

In Crimea, noted that Zelensky took an example from Putin

News - Politics 2019-07-13T14:39:42.876Z

F1: Bottas in pole position at the British Grand Prix

News - Politics 2019-07-13T14:30:54.106Z

Hong Kong police urged protesters to stop violations

News - Politics 2019-07-13T14:09:42.779Z

Elections: Union in Forsa poll strongest force

News - Politics 2019-07-13T14:03:54.132Z
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