There are those stories that just get stuck, despite an intense flow where the news is often about nasty events or something that is wrong.

One such story that has etched itself with me and which I remember with warmth is 11-year-old Stella in Trosa, who bravely tells of her mental ill health - and how she sought and received help. As more and more children and young people experience a worse mental feeling, it feels important to publish stories that show that it is possible to break negative spirals.

We sought good examples

It also makes me and happy that during the spring we made a school venture with a relatively unusual starting point - we were looking for good examples in the Sörmland schools, which others can be inspired by.

This initiative took us to the Vittraskolan in Nyköping, where the students increased their credit score, the Finning school in Strängnäs where security increased and the factorial in Eskilstuna where more students reach the knowledge requirements. And that was thanks to tips from our audience!

Another news from the year that left a good feeling is when we met the gang behind Matakuten in Katrineholm - which takes care of food every week that stores should throw away and makes sure it reaches people who need it.

tip us

We must not forget that there is plenty to be enjoyed, and news that can have a positive impact. I want us to continue to raise good examples and show solutions and faith in the future.

But of course we will also continue to review and highlight what is not working. It is the most important task of the media, and it plays a crucial role in a functioning democracy.

So please tell us about both shortcomings and irregularities as well as positive examples that can show a way forward. Of course, you can be anonymous. You can reach us via or on phone number 016-161609. You can also contact us via social media.

Happy New Year!