Cologne (dpa) - Artistic director Tom Buhrow has "shaken" about death threats against WDR employees because of the much criticized "environmental sow" song.

"We will not tolerate this, I will take legal action against it," said the head of the largest ARD broadcaster on Monday in "Mittagsmagazin" on WDR 2. The threats revealed a terrifying amount of brutalization. "Something is really sick in our country and we all have to do something to change it," said Buhrow. "We in the media have to be a bit more humble (...) and sometimes have to be able to take criticism." But threats of violence are not accepted.

In the song of the WDR children's choir it said: "My grandma is an old environmental pig." An immense shit storm on the net was the result. The German Association of Journalists (DJV) asked those responsible at WDR on Monday to actively seek to protect a freelance journalist who is currently receiving death threats in connection with his tweets on the “environmental sow” satire.

Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) told the “Bild” newspaper (Monday) that not everything that was bad could be justified by “the claim of a satire”. Buhrow distanced himself from the song again on Monday. Satire is there to target the powerful - but not a whole generation. "I'm not now demanding that heads roll, but you have to be able to say:" Ouch, failed "." In addition, this is also about the most loyal audience.

The WDR wants to contribute to "reconciliation in society", said Buhrow. "We are approaching people this year and saying:" We need proper financing for the next four years. "And I also want to approach the older generation and say:" Trust us, we are here for you. " »In the new year, society as a whole must strive to stop the increasing brutalization and create a new climate.

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