The corresponding appeal is addressed to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. In it, Petrov indicates that a number of civil servants, after the New Year's corporate parties, publish photos and videos on the Internet that do not correspond to their status, RIA Novosti informs.

According to the parliamentarian, such publications have a negative effect on the image and authority of state power.

“Officials of any rank have the right to spend their leisure time in accordance with personal ideas about the norms of permissible. Nevertheless, employees should not forget that they are the “face” of the state in the eyes of the people, ”the appeal says.

In it, the deputy calls on the prime minister to consider the possibility of "introducing additional" moral "rules of conduct for civil servants during corporate and other leisure activities."

According to him, such rules should exclude "the occurrence of ambiguous and unpleasant cases involving officials."

“Any informal vacation for officials should not be paid for at the expense of the budget, with the exception of cases permitted by law,” the letter says.

Earlier, the Ministry of Labor said that civil servants should not take gifts from friends, subordinates and other persons in respect of whom they perform the functions of public administration.