Are you subject to juvenile law under the age of 18? Under 20? Opinion split continues December 30 5:51


A panel of the Legislative Council discussing whether the age targeted for juvenile law protection should be reduced to under 18 years of age has been divided into pros and cons, so concrete considerations should be given to the involvement of family courts I want to proceed with future discussions.

As the age of the adult is reduced to 18 years of age from April 2022, the Legal Council, a consulting body of the Minister of Justice, has set a target for protection under the Juvenile Law, which is now under 20, to be under 18. We are discussing whether to lower it.

In the discussion so far, `` While having a suffrage at the age of 18, it would not be possible for the public to gain the understanding of applying the Juvenile Law if they commit a crime, '' The treatment under the Juvenile Law is effectively functioning, so there is no need to change it. "

For this reason, the Ministry of Justice has stated that the Ministry of Justice has stated that murderers should be able to proceed with further discussions by specifically examining how a family court, which provides protective measures for the 18-year-old and 19-year-old who committed the crime, would be involved. Except for serious cases such as these, there are plans to send prosecutors to the family court and to expand the scope of cases sent back from family courts to prosecutors.

The Ministry of Justice hopes to submit a draft of the necessary legislative amendments to the ordinary parliament next year once the report is finalized by the Legislative Council.