“As soon as it became known about the decision signed by the minister, he announced the head. Today is the sixth day. On the fifth day, we secured his medical examination. He has a blood disease, ”said the lawyer.

He added that Vinnik experienced a sharp deterioration.

“Surprisingly, the man who went on a hunger strike for more than a hundred days - I was surprised to learn that he was not alone - and survived, it was much easier for him than now. He believes that the decision to extradite him is a death sentence, ”Musatov said.

On December 24, the chairman of the State Council of Greece, Ekaterina Sakellaropoulou, scheduled for January 10 consideration of the case of Alexander Vinnik.

On December 23, the Supreme Administrative Court of Greece suspended the execution of the decision of the country's Ministry of Justice on the extradition of Vinnik to the United States, France and Russia.

The Russian was detained in Athens in July 2017 at the request of the United States. He is accused of laundering up to $ 4 billion using a cryptocurrency exchange.