The Yemeni army forces managed to shoot down two planes of the militia in Abyan, which were carrying large quantities of explosives, while the Houthi militia militias continued to violate and target the locations of the joint Yemeni forces on the western coast fronts, while a high security source in Hodeidah Governorate, western Yemen, revealed arrangements made by officers In the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, to carry out a major military operation in the Red Sea.

In the details, the Yemeni army announced yesterday, the downing of two car bombs belonging to the Houthi militia in Abyan governorate.

The Yemeni Ministry of Defense website (September Net) stated that the two planes were flying in the sky of Dithin District, in an attempt to target military sites in the district.

He added that after examining the wreckage of the two planes, it was found that they were carrying large quantities of explosives.

During the past days, several Houthi drones have been shot down, in the governorates of Al-Dhalea, Dhamar, Marib, Hajjah and Al-Hodeidah.

This comes at a time when the Houthi revolutionary militia continued to violate and target the locations of the joint Yemeni forces on the fronts of the western coast, and renewed the targeting of the joint forces' sites, in the Al-Jah area of ​​the Beit al-Faqih district south of the city of Hodeidah, according to a military source in the joint, indicated that the militias bombed the sites of the forces Common to various types of heavy and medium weapons and snipers, intermittently, from Monday evening until dawn.

The source pointed out that the militias used in their bombardment of artillery shells at the joint forces' sites south of Al-Jah, and targeted heavy weapons with residential areas and farms in the same area.

Houthi militias also bombarded joint forces positions in the mountainous area of ​​the district of Al-Tahita district, south of Hodeidah, concentrated in the southern and northern outskirts of the mountain, using various types of missiles and medium weapons.

In eastern Al-Darayhmi, south of Al-Hudaydah, civilian homes were damaged by the Houthi shelling, as Houthi militia launched an artillery bombardment on the Al-Juraibeh area, located east of Al-Darayhmi district, and heavy mortar shells were used.

In Hais, south of Al-Hodeidah, Houthi militias continued a series of daily violations and violations, and launched continuous bombing and targeting operations at the joint forces' sites in the district, using artillery shells and various types of medium weapons, according to field sources, confirming the militia's heavy mortar shelling, in violent terms, of the forces ’positions Joint in the western outskirts of the district of Hays.

A senior security source in Hodeidah Governorate, western Yemen, revealed arrangements being made by officers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, to carry out a major military operation in the Red Sea.

The source said that the Iranian officers have been going back to the city of July 7, east of Al Hudaydah, for days, as part of the arrangement for this process, which requires arrangements for a process that the Houthis will later adopt.

The source suggested that the ships and tankers, in the Red Sea off the Yemeni coast, would be the target of this operation. The US government had revealed the presence of a senior leader in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Yemen, whose name was Abd al-Ridha Shahili, and offered a $ 15 million reward to anyone who provided information to reach him. Later, the French magazine "Intelligence Online", which specializes in intelligence affairs, published new information about the leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' Quds Force, and said that he was in Sanaa at the head of a force to provide support to the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen.

The sources of the intelligence magazine stated that General Reza Shahhalai, the son of the Iranian city of Shiraz, is in Yemen at the head of a force consisting of about 400 fighters of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, backed by experts from the Hezbollah militia who were sent from Lebanon.

It is noteworthy that the US envoy to Iran, Brian Hook, announced in conjunction with the disclosure of a monthly presence in Sanaa, that the American forces in the Arabian Sea seized a dangerous Iranian arms shipment on the way to the Houthis.

In Abyan, south of Yemen, the joint and southern forces thwarted a terrorist plot by the Houthi and "Brotherhood" militias, which was targeting military units in the province of the "Brigades of the Amjad", by sending two car bombs, according to military sources in the brigade, noting that the two rides were flying In the sky of the brigade's camp, stationed in the Minya district, east of Lauder District.

The sources confirmed that the two planes were shot down while trying to approach the wards and camps of the newly created brigade, with a view to targeting them, pointing out that the attempt to target the brigade came two days after his forces implemented a military parade, in which he declared his readiness to fight battles with the Houthi militias, with the aim of restoring border areas between the governorates of Abyan and Al Bayda.

In Al Dhale'e, two Houthis were killed, and two others wounded, in the Al-Fakher Front in the Directorate of Qataba, according to field sources, while the coup militias in Ibb governorate spread two more of their dead, who fell in Al Dhale'e.

In Saada, a Houthi element was killed and another was wounded in an attack by the Yemeni army, targeting militia locations in the border district of Manbeh with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, using heavy artillery and guided missiles, according to military sources, confirming that 11 militia members were killed, within two days, in an army shelling on Al-Houthi sites in Al-Hijleh region in the Razih district, and Al-Raqouq in the Mounabh district.

In Taiz, the Yemeni army forces foiled a violent attack by the Houthi militia on its positions in the vicinity of Jabal Han and Al-Siyahi district, west of the city, using various types of weapons, which resulted in deaths and injuries on both sides. The attack came less than 24 hours after a similar attack by Houthi militia on army positions in the Air Defense Front northwest of the city.

On the other hand, the Houthi militia kidnapped an academic working at the University of Sana'a while he was returning to his home in the capital, Sanaa, according to sources at the university, indicating that the militia members kidnapped the doctor at the University of Sanaa, Muhammad Nabil Al-Harazi, and took him to an unknown destination.

It is likely that in the Red Sea, ships and tankers will be the target of an Iranian Houthi operation.