This is reported by RIA Novosti.

As noted on the website of the State Duma, a document aimed at improving the quality of products and the competitiveness of drinks made from Russian grapes is intended to become the basis for the industry.

The bill defines the concept of "Russian wine" - wine 100% produced from grapes grown in Russia.

In turn, “wine” is defined as edible alcoholic agricultural wine-making products containing from 7.5% to 18% ethyl alcohol, produced as a result of fermentation of fresh grapes or grape must and allowed for retail sale in Russia.

The initiative establishes a ban on the processing or use of imported wine materials for the production of a beverage, defines the concepts of falsified, substandard and counterfeit wine products, prohibits its production and circulation.

It also determines the labeling and sale of wine in retail - the consumer must be informed about the variety, place of origin, year of harvest of the grapes from which the wine is made, grape-containing alcohol with a strength of less than 22% must have labels indicating that these drinks are not wine .

When selling, it is required to separate such alcohol on the trading floor from wine, placement on the shelves of drinks from Russian grapes must be accompanied by the inscription "Wine of Russia".

Earlier, Deputy General Director of the Massandra plant Elena Konovalova commented on the message that the State Duma adopted in the third reading a bill to support Russian wine producers.