In several parts of the county, NGOs work to collect Christmas presents and gift cards to give to those who do not have them.
In several municipalities there is the Christmas Aid and the Salvation Army, as usual, has its Christmas pot running, a collection that goes to those who have it scarce.
SVT News East visited Christmas Aid and Angelika Sjöö and Jenny Fransson in Mjölby.

Angelika Sjöö has worked with Christmas Aid for three years. This Christmas she has been helped by her best friend Jenny Fransson. Over the years, the business has grown to include a total of six municipalities besides Mjölby.
The two girls have formed an association with bank giro numbers and swish numbers and have gone from being able to help about 50 families to almost double that.

But there are many who turn to seek help.

See more about Christmas help in the video above.