It is noted that, despite the fact that the decision refers to extradition to France, the minister sent a letter to the director of the Coridallos prison with an order to prepare “an act of transfer and ensure its transfer to the police of the United States of America and then to the Russian Federation, who will arrive to receive the Russian citizen Alexander Vladimirovich Vinnik. "

Vinnik’s lawyer Timofei Musatov, commenting on this situation, said that “this means that the French will not come and didn’t even intend to”, according to him, “the document directly indicates a pre-prepared extradition to the United States.”

Earlier, the Minister of Justice of Greece Costas Ciaras signed a decision on the extradition of Vinnik to France.

Vinnik's defense appealed this decision to the Greek Ministry of Justice.

In July 2017, a Russian was detained in Greece at the request of the United States. He is accused of laundering up to $ 4 billion using a cryptocurrency exchange.