Balbek emphasized that in Kiev, in principle, they “react extremely aggressively” to any statements or proposals of Russia.

“I would even say painfully. And it doesn’t matter if it concerns history or today's realities. This destructive position of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and the country's leadership as a whole prevents it from starting negotiations that could improve relations between our countries and, without a doubt, benefit both sides, especially on the economic issue, ”the parliamentarian explained.

Earlier, Bodnar, during an hour of questions to the government in the Ukrainian parliament, commented on Putin’s words about the native Russian lands.

He pointed out that “Moscow was once subordinate to Kiev”, and also urged to speak “about the roots, not the consequences”.

During a large press conference on December 19, Putin spoke of Vladimir Lenin’s decision to transfer to the Ukrainian SSR “original Russian territories”, which, according to the president, “have never had anything to do with Ukraine”.