Hamburg (AP) - Hamburg rapper Samy Deluxe surprisingly announced a new album at his birthday concert on Thursday evening - and released it on Friday.

The 42-year-old let the cat out of the bag with a new music video after the almost one and a half hour concert. "And that, ladies and gentlemen, is supposed to mean that my new album 'Hochkultur' will be out at midnight today," said the musician directly on stage after the connection.

According to management, the rapper had played his biggest solo show in the Barclaycard arena on Thursday evening. Samy Deluxe also brought 20 well-known and friendly rappers on stage.

At the end of the concert, all approximately 12,000 visitors also received seven songs from the new album on vinyl. «I made a decision a year and a half ago: I won't be playing in Hamburg again until I can celebrate my birthday here and give my album to 12,000 people. And I'm doing this. (...) High culture, baby! Peace out! »

Video of the concert