• Feminicide in the Catania area: stabs the cohabitant in sleep and becomes a member
  • The Senate launches a commission of inquiry against femicide


13 July 2017In the space of a few hours two women were killed - as far as we know - by their comrades. It happened in Bari and Caserta. Stop the alleged murders.

The murder in Bari
Donata de Bello, aged 48, was stabbed to death yesterday, but the body was found only today in an apartment on the first floor of a building in Corso Sonnino. For the murder his companion, Marco Basile, 32, was arrested. Between the two - as it turned out - there were frequent quarrels. The body was found in the bedroom, wrapped in a rug. The slashes were unleashed with a kitchen knife that was found by the carabinieri. One was deadly because he would have severed the jugular.

The comrade stopped: "She was injured alone"
He would hug her to calm her during a violent quarrel and she, who was holding a knife, would be mortally wounded. It is what in summary he would have declared to the Carabinieri of Bari and to the magistrate of duty Marco Basile, subjected to detention for the murder of his companion. The man, the only suspect since the finding of the woman's lifeless body, was interrogated for hours in the barracks but denied having killed her all the time. He was arrested on charges of voluntary murder.

He wants to leave him: 61 years old shoots and kills his companion in the Caserta area
She had decided to leave him and he would have killed her in the square for this. It happened to Dragoni, in the Caserta area. A 61-year-old man shot his 49-year-old girlfriend while he was in a town square. From a first reconstruction, it seems precisely that the woman had decided to leave him. The 61-year-old was arrested by the Piedimonte Matese carabinieri.

The dynamics
The woman was called Maria Tino. The man, Massimo Bianchi, exploded gunshots in the small square adjacent to the victim's home. The victim - according to a first reconstruction - was sitting on a bench near the church. The killer arrived by car after making an appointment with her, got out, pulled out the gun and shot at point blank range. Then he watched over the body waiting for the carabinieri and prevented anyone from approaching.

The victim was saved by the ex-husband's aggression
In the past, according to what has been learned, Maria Tino had also been attacked with a knife by her ex-husband, who is still detained on a charge of attempted murder. She was a housewife, he a worker. There are no complaints against the 61-year-old woman.