The unique trial where two men from Tornedalen and one person from Gävle stood accused of grossly untrue attestation and gross bribery of three persons has now been convicted.

The two men from Östra Norrbotten were both charged with grossly taking bribes and false certificates after entering 40 people who passed approved hunter tests, even though the tests were never completed. The man who is 40 years of age is sentenced to prison for one year and six months, while the man who is 50 years of age is sentenced to conditional sentence with 160 hours in community service.

The third man, who is from Gävle, was released from the charges of aiding and abetting for bribery and aiding in false certification. However, he was suspected of having provided personal information and money to 13 people and was sentenced to SEK 3500 in daily fines for doping crimes, drug crimes, drunkenness and unlawful driving.