“It’s best to give birth to a child under 35 years old, because after that there is already a decrease in the potential for childbearing, therefore it is better to give birth to the first child early,” the doctor said.

According to her, with age, the chances of becoming pregnant decrease and the risk of various diseases increases.

Krasnopolskaya also noted that the growing problem of infertility in Russia is associated with a change in reproductive behavior.

“If earlier a woman in the 19th century repeatedly became pregnant, gave birth, and fed, now for various reasons she first gets an education, makes a career, provides a financial position, and only then thinks about children,” she added.

It was previously reported that it is planned to allocate 1.25 billion rubles in 2020 to provide a monthly payment in connection with the birth of a third child or subsequent children in the Nizhny Novgorod Region.