The Government of Uzbekistan has launched the Government Accelerators Initiative, which is inspired by the UAE's successful experience in developing the first government accelerators model of its kind in the world, aimed at finding effective and fast solutions to the challenges of vital sectors, within the strategic partnership in the field of government modernization between the UAE and the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The joint teams of the governments of the Emirates and Uzbekistan worked to draw up a list of challenges that can be included in the system of government accelerators in Uzbekistan, to find effective solutions to them, and to create a plan of action to launch the first batch of accelerators, during the coming period, in a set of challenges, and start working to solve them Within the 100-day challenge.

This came during a visit by a delegation from the Government of Uzbekistan to the Office of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, which included the director and members of the Department of Government Accelerators of Uzbekistan, with the aim of identifying a mechanism for designing and implementing specialized government accelerators in various service and development sectors, and conducting a simulation exercise of reality in a trip experience The 100-day challenge is in three stages: design, acceleration, and sustainability of results.

Hoda Assistant Director-General for Strategy and Innovation in the Office of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers at the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, Hoda Al-Hashimi, stressed the importance of establishing government accelerators in Uzbekistan, and its vital role in the success of government action and accelerating the pace of achievement, and finding solutions to priority challenges, in order to support efforts to achieve strategic plans.

She said that the UAE government’s experience in the field of government accelerators has become a global model that we share with brotherly and friendly countries, to find quick and effective solutions to current and future challenges, in a way that ensures the upgrading of services and the establishment of a global model to follow in government work.

The joint teams discussed the principles of the work of government accelerators, ways of transforming challenges into opportunities through concerted efforts and work in a team spirit, mechanisms for empowering employees and enhancing their capabilities in overcoming challenges within a specific time period, to take appropriate decisions to achieve goals with a concrete impact during the challenge period, including It contributes to improving the levels of performance and government services.

The Uzbek delegation got acquainted with the government accelerators team on the best practices applied in the field of government accelerators, to benefit from them in supporting the Uzbek team to launch qualitative and innovative government initiatives to accelerate the pace of government action and achieve positive results.

It is worth noting that the strategic partnership between the UAE and the Republic of Uzbekistan includes 120 initiatives, in the areas of government modernization and development, that include 20 axes, covering the areas of government accelerations, government quality, government services, smart and strategic applications and national plans, government performance, government innovation, leadership and capacity building programs, Programming, the future of education and the economy, global competitiveness, ease of doing business and civil service, among others.