Taiwan presidential election each candidate has a TV speech.

Towards Taiwan's presidential election next month, each candidate will speak on television on the night of the 18th, and President Roh Yongwen, who is aiming for re-election, said, “China is entering Taiwanese society and expanding its influence.” Said the need for legislation to prevent intervention from China.

The presidential election of the ruling and civilian parties is aiming for re-election in Taiwan's presidential election on the 11th of next month. On the 18th night, the first political presentation was held on television on which the three candidates gave a speech.

Among them, President Roh, who keeps distance from China, said, “China has entered Taiwanese society, has been divided, and has spread its influence on Taiwanese society by spreading false information.” He appealed that legislation was necessary to prevent it.

On the other hand, Mr. Han of the Nationalist Party who is compatible with China said, “Our biggest profit is that Taiwan is safe and people have money. It should not be to make Taiwan dangerous and make people poor.” He stated that he wanted to improve his relationship with China, where the Roh administration was far away, by realizing a change of government.

In the latest opinion poll, Mr. Tsuji is leading the other candidates, and the growing sense of alertness to China among the Taiwanese people has helped President Tsuji.