Ola Axelsson is also with LRF Säffle municipality group. He shows where the pasture lies and points to something that looks more like a lake.

He is one of the landowners along the river who now wants the lock in Säffle to be opened to relieve the pressure in the river, but so far the Rescue Service wants to await an opening of the lock.

- We know that several property owners along the river have problems and are worried, but the lock in Säffle is not built for flowing water, and we do not decide to open it until the damage the water does along the river is greater than the damage that can be caused lock, says Mattias Larsson, rescue manager at Arvika and Säffle.

Carries even higher water

After the water level has stabilized in Arvika, it takes about four days before the same water reaches Gillberga, and a few more days before it reaches Säffle, so the landowners in Gillberga believe that the water level will continue to increase.

- Of course, it depends on how much rain we get in the coming days, but I do not think it will calm down here until the earliest Christmas, says Ola Axelsson.