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Campaigners en route to various locations, busier on the roads


Farmers and builders are taking action throughout the Netherlands on Wednesday. They are traveling in groups to different locations. It is therefore busier than normal on the roads.

Farmers and builders are taking action throughout the Netherlands on Wednesday. They are traveling in groups to different locations. It is therefore busier than normal on the roads.

Good morning! Both the agricultural and construction sectors have announced that they want to demonstrate this Wednesday against the government's nitrogen policy. Much is still unclear about exactly how protests are being made, but in this live blog the editors of will keep you informed.

  • Farmers and builders drive via highways to assembly points
  • ANWB expects heavy morning rush hour
  • First farmers on the bon in North Holland

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4 minutes ago

There are rumors that the builders and farmers are on their way to The Hague. There is some extra police on the Binnenhof, but there is no sign of any kind of protest.

Avatar AuthorJob van der PlichtMoment of places08: 13 - 18 December 2019

11 minutes ago

On the A9 from Alkmaar, the police at Akersloot and Uitgeest are ready to lead the drivers of the motorway. "They can leave the highway here without consequences," said a spokesperson for the Noord-Holland police. "If they continue, they will be taken off the highway elsewhere and a fine will follow." The spokesman says that the police are ready at various places in the province.

19 minutes ago

In principle, hikers are never allowed on the highway, police say. Driving fines is difficult, however, because tractors have no license plates. Drivers can be fined in unsafe situations. However, that depends on the situation.

Farmers drive across the A1 with tractors for protest

32 minutes ago

Protesters drive at several places with tractors on the highways. The traffic jam has now increased to more than 400 kilometers, according to the ANWB. In some places the delay is caused by accidents that have no connection with the demonstrators.

#boerenprotesten #boerenprotest #boeren #actie # A15 #hardinxveld

Avatar AuthorLynette ☈ Vortex-1 omMoment of places07: 44 - December 18, 2019

43 minutes ago

According to the ANWB, the traffic jam has now increased to more than 300 kilometers. The roads are particularly busy in the north and east of the country. The delay on the A1 from Hengelo to Apeldoorn is more than an hour. On the A32 from Meppel to Leeuwarden, traffic must also take into account an extra hour of travel time.

an hour ago

The farmers in Brabant have drawn up a plan after consultation, reports Omroep Brabant . According to the regional broadcaster, they drive past the Amercentrale power station, Moerdijk industrial estate, Etten-Leur and Breda Airport.

an hour ago

The police are present in large numbers in various places, including in the South Holland town of Berkel and Rodenrijs. "The builders in Berkel and Rodenrijs have left", says reporter Job van der Plicht. "What remains are many police vans on a more or less abandoned industrial site. And a water cannon."

Builders are gathering in places such as Berkel and Rodenrijs to protest against nitrogen policy. The police seem prepared for the worst.

Avatar AuthorJob van der PlichtMoment of places07: 18 - 18 December 2019

an hour ago

The roads are getting busier, says the ANWB. There is now more than 200 kilometers of traffic jams. On a normal Wednesday that is 100 kilometers.

an hour ago

Tractors also hindered the # A15 in the direction of Ridderkerk from KNP. Gorinchem. You can find more information about the current situation on the road on our website: #boerenprotesten

Avatar Author Rijkswaterstaat Traffic information Time of places 07: 16 - 18 December 2019

an hour ago

It seems that many farmers from North Holland and South Holland go to The Hague. There are plans for an action at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

an hour ago

German farmers announced that they would support Dutch demonstrators in the run-up to the action day. De Gelderlander reports that in Mariënvelde, a village in the Achterhoek, 120 Dutch and 120 German tractors have come together.

an hour ago

There was much commotion last week about whether or not to block supermarkets' distribution centers by members of Farmers Defense Force (FDF). The judge forbade this action yesterday, after the branch association for supermarkets (CBL) had instituted summary proceedings. Shortly thereafter, FDF called on farmers to refrain from "any action" at supermarket distribution centers, until a judgment was given on appeal. The board also calls on people not to protest at supermarkets themselves.

an hour ago

The roads are getting busier, according to the ANWB. The A1 between Hengelo and Apeldoorn is already about 45 minutes late. There is also a delay around the Joure junction.

2 hours ago

The first tractors were spotted on the # A1 towards Amsterdam at Deventer. If you come across them, adjust your driving style if necessary. #security first

Avatar Author Rijkswaterstaat Traffic information Time of places 06: 44 - December 18, 2019

2 hours ago

Hundreds of tractors are now driving on the A1 on Bathmen, RTV Oost reports .

2 hours ago

RTV Drenthe writes that there are not yet many tractors at Spier, but that more are being added. One of the activists tells a reporter that the plan is to first drive slowly on the A28 en route to The Hague.

2 hours ago

Farmers and builders are gathering throughout the Netherlands. Omroep Brabant reports that there are already dozens of farmers with various tractors in different places. It is not yet clear what the campaign will entail in the province.

2 hours ago

The ANWB warns road users of a very busy morning rush hour in connection with the slow-driving action. Nuisance is also expected on N roads. Motorists are advised to check the situation on the road before departure.

2 hours ago

The Ministry of Justice and Security is also warning this morning about the traffic on the road.

Are you on your way this morning? Be prepared! The Ministry of Justice and Security recommend checking your travel route before departure for possible traffic problems due to possible actions throughout the country. Follow the current traffic information.

Avatar AuthorPolitie LimburgMoment of places06: 09 - December 18, 2019

2 hours ago

Incidentally, it was announced on Wednesday that farmers do not shy away from new (radical) actions. Three quarters of them deny that there is a nitrogen problem.

2 hours ago

On Tuesday evening, farmers were still protesting unannounced at the Binnenhof in The Hague, where they later left quietly, the police report. Prime Minister Mark Rutte and agriculture minister Carola Schouten then sat around the table with the authoritative farmers' platform Landbouw Collectief to solve the nitrogen problem. A package of measures is expected in January.

2 hours ago

The first farmers were hurled at the bon near IJmuiden because they wanted to enter the Wijkertunnel with their tractor.

#Wijkertunnel. Police fines farmers who want to drive their tractor through the Wijkertunnel. #boerenprotest #handhaving

Avatar Author Police NHNMoment of places05: 25 - 18 December 2019

2 hours ago

Campaigners from Bouw in Verzet were asked by letter to gather at seven locations from 6 a.m. - Alkmaar, Berkel and Rodenrijs, Tilburg, Helmond, Born, Apeldoorn and Assen. The intention is that they leave an hour later for other locations, over the highway at moderate speeds.

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